Our P3 Strategy


We believe that investing, by its very nature is a long-term process and that it's more important to us and our clients to achieve their goals than to beat a benchmark. We focus on Goals Based Investing while utilizing objective based active management to create portfolios aligned with our clients' real-life needs and goals.


We utilize an identifiable and repeatable process to help our clients pursue their goals. The process is derived from the fi360 training for Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF®). We Organize our clients' information: debt, assets, income, expenses, needs, wants, and wishes and Formalize that information into a goal or set of goals that need to be achieved. The third step is to Implement the plan necessary to address their goals. The fourth step is to Monitor the process and repeat steps 1-3 on a regular basis. This is done because people are constantly having life changing events. Deaths, births, marriages, divorces, job changes and many other significant life events will cause people to change their goals or change the time frame of their goals. Quarterly monitoring and annual reviews help to keep the process of achieving the goals on track.


We're all on a financial Path to somewhere. Whether it's saving for college, a new home, retirement, legacy and estate planning or some other personal financial goal; we're here to guide you down the right path and to keep you focused on your financial goals.